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Baking Equipment - Planetary Mixers

Mixers are one of the basic bakery equipment machines that food service businesses invest in. Used to mix dough, batter, and other bakery supplies, mixers are used to create bread and pizza dough, frosting, and whipped cream. They come in different sizes and varieties. There are different types of mixers depending on how they will be used, especially those that perform in industrial environments. Some have very specific functions that are employed in certain jobs.


Types of Mixers

Mixers, as bakery equipment have two main types. The spiral mixer has a spiral-shaped dough hook from which it got its name. The mixer's attached bowl revolves as the hook stays in place. It is advised to use a spiral mixer when working heavy or stiff dough over traditional beaters since the spiral hook is more effective when mixing. It is ideal for use in commissaries and bakeries. Spiral mixers can only mix dough and is unable to whip or whisk.

A planetary mixer, also called a vertical mixer, has three blades each rotating on its own axis and from a common axis. Most planetary mixers have a dough hook, a wire whisk, and a flat beater blade for three-dimensional mixing. This makes it more flexible than spiral mixers because it can whip, blend, and stir different types of mixtures.


Use of Planetary Mixers


Planetary mixers are ideal for bakert equipment for food businesses that serve up large volumes of pastries or baked goods because of the versatility offered by the three-dimensional blade fixtures. They come in countertop & floor sizes, and the latter is ideal for those who need to mix large volumes or dough or other baking supplies. The floor models asl ohave swing-out mixing bowls & are able to program several mixing schemes, depending on performance required.

Planetary mixers are also capable of mixing & working with difference chemicals, which is why it is widely used in a lot of other industries. They are also able to work at varying speeds & temperatures. making them very flexible to a lot of different production procedures.

For baking, planetary mixers are able to serve up various functions, especially because of its beater blade, which can be interchanged for the production of pizza dough, cookie dough, bread, pastries, cakes, donut dough, and also for creams like icing, filling, and dressings. For small volumes, they require the use of smaller bowls and blades for minimum batches of dough or mixtures.


Advantages of using Planetary Mixers

For those looking to get a mixer that can be used for a wide range of production purposes, the planetary mixer is ideal for its ability to serve up different outputs depending on the blades and speeds applied to the process. Planetary mixers cover nearly all areas of mixtures in the bowl, which ensures that all the baking supplies are thoroughly mixed. This piece of bakery equipment is packed with features that will allow you to create your own baked goodies, or maybe even other recipes for home made food.


Planetary Mixers

Mixers are one of the basic bakery equipment machines used to mix dough, batter, and other bakery ingredients. Mixers are used to create bread/pizza dough, frosting, and whipped cream.

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