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DOX 25G - Water Doser-Mixers & Chillers - International Bakery Equipment

Water Doser-Mixers

Product Code: DOX 30G
  • High precision in dosage and temperature
  • Microprocessor logic with permanent memory 
  • Touch type keyboard
  • Individual digital displays for dosage and temperature
  • Regulation knob for setting temperature, with reference scale
  • Automatic thermostatic mixing, according to the type of installation, of
    1. hot and ambient water; or
    2. hot and chilled water, or
    3. chilled and ambient water; or
    4. hot, chilled and ambient water
  • 3 way valve inlet kit optional
  • 2.5m delivery hose with stainless steel components
  • External construction 4mm thick PVC and stainless steel
  • All fittings manufactured entirely of bronze, brass and stainless steel
  • Single phase 3-pin 10amp plug top and lead required
  • STM Water Chiller available to suit application

*Product specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.




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