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Warranty - T&C's


A.A.B.E. Terms and Conditions of Supply


  • Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days, unless stated otherwise.
Terms of Payment - Bakery Equipment
  • Part payment of 60% of the total value is required to confirm the order.
  • A final payment of 40% of the total value is required prior to the delivery.
  • Late payments will attract an interest charge of 2.5% per month.
Terms of Payment - Ancillary Items
  • Full payment required prior to ordering from manufacturer for special orders and/or out of stock items.
  • Fully payment required upon order and receipt of invoice, prior to shipment from our showroom.
Terms of Payment - Spare Parts
  • Full payment required upon order and receipt of invoice, prior to shipment from our showroom.
Returns - Spare Parts
  • All unused items that have been paid for and despatched must be returned within (14) days.
  • Credit will be provided less 15% handling fee, unless other arrangements made.
  • Cost of shipment of return items to be met by client.
  • All bakery machinary prices are net and do not include GST.
  • The cost of delivery is not included unless specified in writing.
  • Whilst every effort will be made to deliver within a reasonable time or by the date required, All About Bakery Equipment shall not be liable to penalties or damages (either direct or indirect) for failure to deliver within the time stated due to strikes, accidents, wars and other causes beyond All About Bakery Equipment’s control.
  • Lead time will vary depending on the supplier and manufacturing time.
  • Every effort will be made to keep the customer updated on the progress.
  • Delivery is subject to clear access and is carried out during normal business hours.
  • The cost of installation is not included unless specified in writing.
  • Installation only includes the equipment put into position as directed by the buyer and/or one of his/her representatives and does not include any connection of water, gas, electricity, drain, ducts etc. or the removal of rubbish from the site.

·         New IBE equipment is covered by a 12 months parts and labour warranty unless specified otherwise. New non-IBE equipment will be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty only.

·         Generally, used equipment warranty is subject to individual assessment and is not limited to the following variations or as specified on your invoice:

            Refurbished equipment – 6 months parts and labour warranty

            Equipment “As Is” or “Workshop Tested” will not have a warranty

·         The warranty does not include normal wear parts, such as, Conveyor belts, ‘v’ belts, ‘o’ rings, scrapers, slicer blades and removable parts such as and not limited to mixer attachments – bowl, whisk, beater and hook.

·         The warranty does not include damage caused by improper use, incorrect storage, excessive mechanical, electrical and chemical stresses, water, fire and any other form of abuse.

·         IBE shall not in any event be liable to the buyer for loss of profits, direct or indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of any warranty claims.

·         The buyer shall be responsible to ensure that all safety regulations in regard to the safe working condition of the equipment are not interfered with.


Please be advised that a full document of the IBE Warranty Terms and Conditions is available upon request.


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